The most valuable thing we own is ourselves.

We are each a unique collection of talents, experiences and insights. We are each a commodity, with intrinsic value, able to be leveraged for the benefit of ourselves and our communities. Overlooking our own value – or shortchanging who we are and what we bring to the table – is an offense against self.

There are days when we have to phone it in. When we punch the clock and grind it out. It happens.

But the best days we have are when we find a way to allow the “me” to boil to the surface and filter out into the world for the betterment of others. It doesn’t just happen. It takes conscious effort. Work.

When we fail to extract that value from inside ourselves, and spread it around in a helpful and constructive way, we let ourselves down.

Don’t be that guy.

How will you value yourself today?

Dara Torres, Holiday Week, Do What’cha Wanna Do Friday ShareDay


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Earlier this week, we saw American swimmer (and I’ll say it, “modern day Wonder Woman“) Dara Torres fall nine-hundredths of one second short of qualifying for the Olympics for a record sixth time.

Yes, age IS just in your head, but this woman is amazing. Some 45 year olds I know can’t even swim the length of a pool, and she’s cutting through the water leaving an Evinrude-sized wake in her path.

Browsing her website, her philosophy of that ‘you can do anything you set your mind to’ spirit – sounded similar to something that I wrote about in a post earlier this year.

Usually on Friday ShareDay, I point out original content from someone I admire, post a link to the article and give them the proper shout-out. But when I saw my earlier post on personal achievement pop to the top of my “most visited posts” section this week, I thought it appropriate to share my own post once more.

So here’s “What Do You Want To Do Today?” as a challenge us all to be a little more like the amazing Dara Torres.

Happy Friday!