10 Things for Friday ShareDay


I am so grateful for all I have learned and done this week.

After what seems like a very long winter (literally and figuratively), this week I feel like I have stepped out and gone to a new place. It’s inspiring and exhilarating.

What will next week hold? Who knows?

Meantime, it’s Friday, and on the blog, that means giving someone else the spotlight.

So here’s another one of those posts I wish I had written myself, compliments of Matters of Grey, about “10 Things Extraordinary People Say.” Good advice by any measure!

Happy Weekend!

Beyonce, “Superbowl” and Friday ShareDay

Beyonce Referee Super Bowl

This was an interesting week of introspection for me. I’ve had a ton of thoughts tumbling around my head since Tuesday, inspiring my earlier post and some great comments from you all. Thanks for chiming in and sharing what is on your mind! Keep it coming!

I’ve also been working and away from home far too much in the evenings, so I am looking forward to some time with my family in the next couple days.

And it’s Super Bowl Weekend! I am willing to bet that there will be more time devoted to discussion of the ads, Dan Marino and whether Beyonce is lip-syncing during halftime more than what’s on the field, but I will be honest: I’m just looking forward to what my wife is cooking.

And this great Ad Age article from this morning is a nice guide to how to own whatever party you’re attending.

But before we get to the perfect storm of sports, food and tasteless advertising, let’s stop to mark Friday ShareDay with this great post from Michelle Darnell (Virginia Plantation here on wordpress), who earlier this week quit her job to run her new bed and breakfast full time. Her story and her conviction to remake her life makes me want to visit! Congratulations and good luck, Michelle!

Happy Weekend!

Freezy Friday ShareDay

Bryant Park Fountain Freeze


I know, there are lots of places in the world that are colder, and have been for longer. So sorry to sound like a whiner. But it’s REALLY cold. (That’s the fountain in Bryant Park at the left. It’s frozen, ‘kay?)

And there’s nothing that can send warm toasties into my toes like the thought of the weekend! So here we are at Friday – and restarting a tradition that we haven’t engaged in for a while: Friday ShareDay!

For those of you new to the blog, on Fridays I try to share a piece of interesting content I have found elsewhere, and give a shout out and props as due. I encourage you loyal readers to share ideas in the comments and even send along pieces of content YOU’D like me to post on Friday ShareDay too!

So here’s a great article from Public Relations Society of America (via Erica Lamb at Cision; thanks Erica!) about how to get back to our roots in 2013 with “story marketing.

Happy Friday!