Good News Friday ShareDay

Unemployed Stormtrooper

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So there’s word this morning that – gasp!people are finding jobs in the middle of this horrible recession, with the private sector mostly responsible for putting the gas in the economic engine of our country. Not to make light of the people who are still struggling, but we clearly are on the right track and don’t need Washington to solve our problems.

As I am greeted with this news, I’m listening to my daily installment of the Dave Ramsey Show podcast. If you’ve not heard it, Dave is a talk-radio guy whose show is about getting out of debt through a deliberate budgeting and planning strategy. It’s quite simple, and it’s helped me and some of my friends a great deal. You may want to check it out; the podcasts are free on iTunes.

And his philosophy about “life and money” is easily translated into what we need to do as PR people to be successful:

1. Take stock of your assets – know what you’ve got to work with and what you need to acquire to do a better job of the task at hand;
2. Plan your path – sit down and write out a roadmap for accomplishing your goals. Present it to all parties involved and get them to agree on it. Then don’t deviate from that plan unless absolutely necessary and all parties agree in advance;
3. Execute, execute, execute – needs no explanation.

So for this Friday ShareDay, here’s a little taste of Dave Ramsey. Be warned, his logic is addictive!

Happy Weekend!