Thank You


It’s the little things that point out a person’s true character.

As the father to two little people, I am constantly trying to teach – in the simplest of ways – life’s basic rules: Be nice. No hitting. Hold my hand, we’re in a parking lot. Say please and thank you.

It amazes me how some adults forget that last one. Some people always say it. Those are the people you’d do anything for.

The ones who forget it make me want to forget them.

Short Week Friday ShareDay

Let's Be Happy

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Even though the President’s Day Holiday provided a short week for many of us, was yours less busy? Mine sure wasn’t!

I wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks to you for reading the blog on a regular basis and sharing it with your friends and co-workers. I’ve noticed a real spike in traffic in the last three months, like something has really struck a nerve with you. I really appreciate the support you have shown and love reading and responding to your comments.

In that spirit, let me know if there’s something you want to hear or talk about – I’m happy to entertain write-in topics!

Speaking of engaging with your audience, here’s a great Friday ShareDay tidbit from our buddy Peter Shankman on Better Engagement. Thanks Peter!

Happy Weekend!

Friday ShareDay Thanks

Thank You

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This Friday ShareDay is a little different…

Rather than sharing content, I’d simply like to share.. my thanks to you.

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, rating and sharing what you read here. Your input is really what keeps me posting. Even though I’m dispensing my thoughts, ideas and advice (for whatever they’re worth), the true joy for me comes in reading what you have to say in response.

So this Friday ShareDay is for you, loyal reader! Thank you!

Happy Weekend!