May the Fourth Be With You!


Here’s a rare .. even unprecedented.. Saturday post, for a special reason:

Happy Star Wars Day!

This day (for those unfamiliar) honors a set of stories that – I have to confess – created my love for space, movies and great storytelling. Thank you George Lucas!

Today, fellow geeks, is our day to let our Corellian, Jedi or Sith hang out!

So whether you’re a Padawan or a Master.. a smuggler or a bounty hunter..

Make it a great day!

May the Fourth Be With You!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

On a recent field trip with a client, I decided to try something new.

What it was doesn’t matter. I got an idea, something I had never done before, but was fairly certain I could pull off. I did my homework on the technical aspects of what I needed to accomplish. I recruited a collaborator to help me test the idea. And then I went for it.

I could have very easily fallen on my face.

And although the experiment wasn’t a fire-breathing, twitter-trending-topic success, what I set out to test did, in fact, work. And the feedback I got in the process (from myself and from others) will let me do that thing even better the next time.

I was out of my comfort zone. And it felt good.

It’s easy for us to not do something new; to repeat the same winning formula over and over, tweaked for the details, in order to keep racking up wins. After all, if you weren’t so good at that thing you can do (in your sleep, by now, I am sure), people wouldn’t be hiring you, right? So why mess with something that is working?

Because that’s not what we do.

As PR people, we need to always be looking for the new. The different. The unusual. The unique.

The stagnant dies. The boundary-pushers not only survive, but thrive. We create new paradigms and new ways of seeing the world. We advance the narrative and turn the insane into the achievable.

Don’t settle for the same-old ho-hum. Get out of your comfort zone. I’m certainly glad I did.

Use the Force on Friday ShareDay!

Obi Wan Kenobi

What a week!

After a two-day road trip to Texas, I am back in NYC and very glad it’s almost the weekend. Good Friday? YES. IT. IS.

A quick shout out and a thank you to all of you who read, like, comment and subscribe here. I can never get enough of hearing your feedback and what you think: whether you agree, disagree, or want to offer your own take on any of the topics we discuss in this space. I’m doing this strictly for the feedback I get from you all. And just like the great Chris Brogan, I’m not ashamed to beg for your input either, so please keep the interaction coming!

And let’s cut to the chase this Friday ShareDay with a great post I picked up off of LinkedIn this morning. (BTW, if your LinkedIn profile is any less than 100% complete, and polished to a nice shiny glow, you’re doing yourself a disservice).

Combining my two geek loves (innovation and Star Wars), here’s “How to Innovate Like a Jedi Knight” from Diego Rodriguez. Thanks Diego!

Happy Weekend!

Be Here, Now.

You Are Here

I just finished listening to a podcast by the brilliant Chris Brogan, part of his series called The Human Business Way. If you’ve not checked it out, do yourself a favor and click over. I listen on Stitcher, because it’s everywhere with me.

In this particular podcast, Chris is interviewing Marcus Sheridan, “The Sales Lion,” who has a fascinating story of personal success. But it was something else that caught my ear and got me thinking.

At the top of the interview, Marcus thanks Chris for “treating me like I was the only guy in the room” on the occasion when they first met. That’s huge. And it stopped me cold.

How many times have we been at a networking event, nursing our favorite libation, with one eye and ear in the conversation in front of us, while the other eye and ear is scanning the room or checking the door to see who else is worth talking to?

Liar. We’ve all done it. It’s such a huge mistake, because it short changes what you’re doing in that moment. And it’s something I am going to work on changing in myself.

It reminded me of a post I wrote about a year ago on multitasking. At the time, I didn’t include personal relationships in the post, and that was a huge omission on my part.

You see, I believe that when we’re doing something, we’ve got to commit. 100%. We’ve got to be in that moment right then and there, and not have one eye on what might be coming next. Savor what is there in front of you, extract all its value, and give a little back in the process. In other words, “Be Here, Now.”

So the next time we meet in person and I look over your shoulder to scan the room, smack me.

Don’t Give Up Friday ShareDay

Don't Give Up

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It’s been a busy week, and next week looks no quieter!

It’s kept me from writing new posts recently, but it hasn’t stopped you all from dropping by in record numbers. On just the fifth of this month, you helped me surpass 1,000 unique monthly hits to the blog for the fifth consecutive month. Hardly gigantic in the grand scheme of the Interwebs, but a record for me nonetheless, and so I thank you.

Most of the traffic was propelled by the Spaced Out Friday ShareDay post, proving that we Star Wars geeks still have it!

By contrast, it was in the middle of last year I considered retiring this blog: traffic seemed to have hit a plateau, I was hard pressed to churn out new content each week and my heart just wasn’t in it at the time. But you all kept coming, and so I kept going, too. Thanks for sticking with me and please keep commenting and sharing your feedback!

In that spirit of not throwing in the towel, here’s a Friday ShareDay post from by buddy Jeff Namnum, social marketer and human extraordinaire, on his version of not giving up. Thanks, Jeff!

Happy Weekend!

Spaced Out Friday ShareDay

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Not only is it Friday, but it’s May 4th. And you Star Wars fans know what I am talking about. Wisely, you should celebrate.

It’s also Friday ShareDay, and that means a great piece of content created by someone else with a WOOT! and a shout out.

So here’s a post from Ragan’s PR Daily about “12 Habits of Successful Social Media Pros” that I think serious PR people should tattoo on the inside of their forearm and refer to constantly. Not only is it great social media advice, it’s great LIFE advice. WOOT!

Happy Friday!

Yes, I Just Want To Be Han Solo

Han Solo

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I was a Star Wars kid (and still am).

Every Star Wars kid I know (from the 1970s) gravitated towards either Luke Skywalker, the pure-but-naive student of the Force, or Han Solo, the older, funnier smart ass who, in the end, got the girl. (Disclaimer: we ALL loved Darth Vader. Anyone who says they didn’t is lying.)

In my eyes, Han was just cooler. He had his own spaceship, the Millenium Falcon. His sidekick was a Wookie. His mouth got him out of – and sometimes more often, into – trouble. And he shot first.

So, yes, I admit it. I (still) just want to be Han Solo.

So for this week’s Friday ShareDay, and especially for my fellow Star Wars geeks (who all know there will always be only one true trilogy; thank you Kevin Smith), here’s “Five Career Lessons from Han Solo”, courtesy of Forbes.

Now where’d I put that blaster?

Happy Weekend!