Dara Torres, Holiday Week, Do What’cha Wanna Do Friday ShareDay


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Earlier this week, we saw American swimmer (and I’ll say it, “modern day Wonder Woman“) Dara Torres fall nine-hundredths of one second short of qualifying for the Olympics for a record sixth time.

Yes, age IS just in your head, but this woman is amazing. Some 45 year olds I know can’t even swim the length of a pool, and she’s cutting through the water leaving an Evinrude-sized wake in her path.

Browsing her website, her philosophy of that ‘you can do anything you set your mind to’ spirit – sounded similar to something that I wrote about in a post earlier this year.

Usually on Friday ShareDay, I point out original content from someone I admire, post a link to the article and give them the proper shout-out. But when I saw my earlier post on personal achievement pop to the top of my “most visited posts” section this week, I thought it appropriate to share my own post once more.

So here’s “What Do You Want To Do Today?” as a challenge us all to be a little more like the amazing Dara Torres.

Happy Friday!