Stop, Look, Listen and Enjoy


It’s been quite a work week for me.

I had the privilege of organizing two very important media events that I know you have heard, seen and read about by today. My team did an amazing job with each assignment and I am very proud of the work we produced. The reporters, producers, photographers and cameramen we worked with gave (for the most part) wonderful and smart coverage. They are the best in the business and were an absolute pleasure every step of the way. (Hey, this is New York City; you don’t get here with second rate skills).

So as I stare out the window of my morning train to work, I reflect on the amazing experiences that I – and indeed, that all of us – have, not just today but every day. And I think about how so much of it can just pass us by if we don’t stop, stand back, look at it and take it all in.

So for this Friday ShareDay, rather than give you someone else’s content, I share with you my own thoughts:

“We each have an amazing story to tell, people with whom to share the journey, and much to contribute before we get to the end of our run on this planet. Don’t waste a minute.”

Happy Weekend!

Use the Force on Friday ShareDay!

Obi Wan Kenobi

What a week!

After a two-day road trip to Texas, I am back in NYC and very glad it’s almost the weekend. Good Friday? YES. IT. IS.

A quick shout out and a thank you to all of you who read, like, comment and subscribe here. I can never get enough of hearing your feedback and what you think: whether you agree, disagree, or want to offer your own take on any of the topics we discuss in this space. I’m doing this strictly for the feedback I get from you all. And just like the great Chris Brogan, I’m not ashamed to beg for your input either, so please keep the interaction coming!

And let’s cut to the chase this Friday ShareDay with a great post I picked up off of LinkedIn this morning. (BTW, if your LinkedIn profile is any less than 100% complete, and polished to a nice shiny glow, you’re doing yourself a disservice).

Combining my two geek loves (innovation and Star Wars), here’s “How to Innovate Like a Jedi Knight” from Diego Rodriguez. Thanks Diego!

Happy Weekend!

Write! Write! Write! Friday ShareDay


There’s something in the air, people. Can you feel it?

March 1 is off to a glorious start here in New York City – the sunshine and not-so-chilly-anymore breeze makes me imagine Spring like a rookie baseball player in the on-deck circle: chomping at the bit to step into the batter’s box and take a cut at the first fastball that comes his way.

Yes, I am very excited that warmer weather – even if it’s not officially “here” – is very much right around the corner. And that means the First of May can’t be far behind. (Thank you Jonathan Coulton!)

And since it’s Friday ShareDay, it’s time to revel in the glory that is someone else’s well formulated content. (cue drum roll)

So here’s a post on the most formidable skill you can build, no matter what you do for a living: your ability to write well. Thanks Dave Kerpen for penning a post I wish I had written myself.

Happy Weekend!

Freezy Friday ShareDay

Bryant Park Fountain Freeze


I know, there are lots of places in the world that are colder, and have been for longer. So sorry to sound like a whiner. But it’s REALLY cold. (That’s the fountain in Bryant Park at the left. It’s frozen, ‘kay?)

And there’s nothing that can send warm toasties into my toes like the thought of the weekend! So here we are at Friday – and restarting a tradition that we haven’t engaged in for a while: Friday ShareDay!

For those of you new to the blog, on Fridays I try to share a piece of interesting content I have found elsewhere, and give a shout out and props as due. I encourage you loyal readers to share ideas in the comments and even send along pieces of content YOU’D like me to post on Friday ShareDay too!

So here’s a great article from Public Relations Society of America (via Erica Lamb at Cision; thanks Erica!) about how to get back to our roots in 2013 with “story marketing.

Happy Friday!

“F-U Sandy” Friday ShareDay

Strong Island

[tweetmeme source=”jodyfisher”only_single=false

Apologies for the title on this post, but I think it’s what a lot of us are thinking this week.

There has been so much loss in the New York area this week, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Homes destroyed by fire in Breezy Point and Mantoloking. Decimated communities along the coast in New Jersey and Long Island. New York City subways and commuter rail lines – the nation’s largest transit system – stopped dead in its tracks by flooded tunnels and downed power lines. Even days after the storm, hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity and heat and waiting in line for hours to fill their car gas tanks.

And we’re the lucky ones.

We’ve seen the best – and in some cases, the worst – that humanity has to offer this week. My only hope is that we keep up the steady progress we seem to be making to get back to some degree of normal.

And yet in all this destruction, loss and even death, there is also opportunity.

We have a chance to self-analyze: to see where we have fallen down and where we have gaps in our defenses against all that life can thrown at us. The best thing we can do is to learn, so we’re ready the next time something like this comes our way. Because it will.

This tragedy also presents an opportunity to reconnect with the people in our neighborhoods and our workplaces. Those people we see, but maybe don’t stop to get to know. Maybe someone next door to you, or down the road, needs help. What’s stopping you from knocking on their door and offering a warm meal, a hot shower, or a place to stay for one cold night?

Every Friday on this blog, we usually share pieces of awesome digital content in the hopes that we can draw something from it and make us better.

Today, I’d invite you to post something below that you’ve done to help someone you know, or a website where you can give help directly to a community in need.

I’ll start. Please join me. Let’s do this together.

Sunny Friday ShareDay


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In New York City, we’ve declared winter officially over, less because of the official start of spring and more because of the amazing weather we have been having! (You all can thank me, by the way. This year I acquired my first gas-powered snowblower, thus ensuring a snow-free winter.)

Also in 2012, my family started our conversion to Apple devices – we picked up a pair of iPhones and an iPad so far and we are instant fans (see last week’s Friday ShareDay post). MacBooks are next on the list.

All that data consumption on our wireless devices has us becoming more and more mindful of our data plans and on what seems like a constant quest for wifi.

The first time I got an iPhone in my hands, I understood (and frankly, changed my mind) on the need for free wifi hotspots in major traffic areas, incluing downtowns, at train stations and in commercial buildings. The wireless companies are making huge investments in their high speed networks, mostly to cash in on expensive data plans that power social media, streaming entertainment and texting. But even the best 4G/LTE infrastructure can’t measure up to a robust wifi hotspot.

So this article on a wifi usage study from TechCrunch comes along almost serendipitously, showing that we’re not only not alone in our mania, but quite normal. What do you think?

Happy Weekend!