Find Me On.. Where?!?!

Social Networks

Maybe we have too many social networks.

I mean, think about it. Facebook and twitter. Instagram and Vine. Quora and Google+. Yelp and Foodspotting. And on and on and on.

You need a scorecard just to keep up, and an entire afternoon just to be remotely relevant on any more than one on two.

I’ve read more than one article this week about younger people rejecting Facebook.

And Peter Shankman this week opened up a storm of controversy when he predicted Yelp! would be out of business in two years.*

I think it’s just a matter of time before more people are migrating to something else. Who knows what that is. But if I’m feeling that way, I can promise you, it’s already happening.

I must have more than 100 apps on my iPhone. Truth is, I don’t think I use half of them. And I have no plans to.

So I’m opening this up for discussion, because I am really interested in what you think: which social networks/apps are becoming less relevant? Which should I close out or delete, and which should I keep? Which do you use on a regular basis and why?

I don’t want to hear any brand-bashing. This is not meant to take jabs at anyone. I’m just really interested in what others are thinking.

Leave a comment below!

*This post has been amended to accurately reflect Shankman’s prediction on Yelp. Thanks Peter!

Engaging Friday ShareDay


So it’s finally, really, officially spring here in New York!

I, for one, have been waiting for this for a while. If you know me at all, you know I am not the biggest fan of the cold or the snow. (Remind me why I don’t move to Key West again?) So I am very much looking forward to some time spent outside this weekend, in the backyard and the park. Do I dare hit the beach, even if I am hanging out in jeans and a sweatshirt? Hmmm…

It’s also Friday ShareDay, and that means bringing you someone else’s brilliant piece of content, with props and a thank you.

This post has made the rounds quite a bit on social media, but I thought it worth posting here today, from the fine folks at Mashable, about the “Most Engaged Brands On Twitter.” Check out the right hand column for the insightful analysis.

Happy Weekend!

Target: Apple

Apple & Target

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Over the weekend, Mashable reported news that Apple would soon experiment with mini-stores inside Target locations.

Pair this with the news that plans for the Steve Jobs action figure have been abandoned by its creators (thank goodness), and it raises a question I’d like to throw out for debate: is Apple in danger of watering down its brand?

There’s no argument that part of Steve Jobs’ genius was his showmanship, and his understanding of what when into great marketing of a product to turn it into a mega-brand.

My perception of that genius has, at its core, the balance of an “exclusivity of brand” with a “there’s room for everyone” concept.

Jobs communicated that Apple products are special, and so the people who use them are special.

But admission to that club came – and still comes – at a price: whether it’s a $99 Apple TV or a $2,000 MacBook, you aren’t a full member of the tribe before you have one of those shiny new gadgets in your hand.

Even the process of purchsing my iPhone4S recently had an “induction” feel to it; I stood with a store employee who actually high-fived me once the phone was set up (or maybe I high-fived her?). That was a first.

Jobs balanced these two concepts well, so the thought of making Apple so ubiquitous that you can pick up an iPad3 two aisles down from the laundry detergent and dog biscuits seems odd to me.

Yes, Best Buy sells Apple products, but that seems right – it’s a personal electronics/gadget store. And so putting the MacBooks across from the gaming consoles and OLED TVs is more of a fit than alongside toothpaste and motor oil.

I’ll probably have to eat these words in a year or two, after the Target experiment has been crowned another stellar Apple success. But for now I’ll call it an unusual choice, and admit I’ll be watching this closely.

What do you think?

Finally Friday ShareDay!

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So here we are at Labor Day Weekend, the traditional “end of summer” (I ascribe to the Beach Boys theory of summer: Endless).

Nevertheless, we’ll all look to get to our favorite “happy place” one more time, whether beach, lake or elsewhere. Maybe squeeze out one last backyard barbecue. I hope you have a great weekend whatever your plans are.

For Friday ShareDay, I want to pass along some upcoming events in the NYC area that are on the horizon:

– The Mashable Social Good Summit and Mashable Media Summit both look to be excellent events planned by my friends over at Mashable. If you’re working in this space, you should check these out.

– On Long Island, the Fair Media Council’s Connection Day will be on October 27. It’s an annual opportunity for PR folk and others to talk directly with reporters, editors, producers and newsroom personnel – the people who call the shots in what gets covered in the media. Indispensable for anyone working in the field. (And I’ll be a panelist, but don’t let that keep you away)

LITweetUp is a great group of like minded social media hounds, organized by entrepreneur and networking maestro Jeff Namnum. They’re an annual supporter of Island Harvest, so check them out and lend a hand.

– Finally, the Social Media Club of Long Island is run by my new friend Hilary Topper and is a fun gathering of social media types to share best practices and new ideas. Their next gathering is on September 27.

Thanks for checking out the blog. Please subscribe at the right and leave your comments below!

Happy Weekend!

The End of the World? Or a Friday ShareDay to Remember?

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Jody Fisher

Happy Friday!

After coming back from Mashable Connect, my world seemed to explode with new possibilities for my clients: social media, public engagement projects, and creative ideas for publicity. Amazing what being around creative people can do for you. (Or maybe it was just meeting Mickey Mouse!)

In the middle of it all, crisis came calling. Rather than write about it today, I’m crafting a special post on crisis for next week, where I pass along some observations and ways that I treat crisis – both professionally and personally!

And for this Friday ShareDay, here’s a post from Social Media Examiner about how to share photos on facebook that will reinforce and enhance your brand.

Happy Weekend!

P.S. And if the interwebs are right, and tomorrow’s the end of the world, thanks for reading my blog. But I think we’ll all be around for next week!

Are You Experienced?

Are You Experienced?[tweetmeme service=”” tweetmeme source=”jodyfisher”]

Having had a few days to process the Mashable Connect conference, the big takeaway for me can be boiled down to one word: “experiential.”

Speaker after speaker (including David Karp of Tumblr, Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman, and many others) hit on this concept: that the best online efforts – whether in PR, social media or other digital and media areas – are ones that take people from the screen to real life, and drive them to action. They get people to engage on an intimate, human level (not the Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of intimate) and produce a tangible outcome: buying a product, joining a cause, donating to a charity.

Otherwise, you’re just a troll in your basement.

Michael Lazerow of Buddy Media drove the point home by calling out the apparent irony of e-commerce on facebook, with the stat that shows just 3% of people of that 500-million member community are actually shopping – proving that what people are really doing is sharing information, insights and, yes, experiences.

Other nuggets of wisdom from Mashable Connect are contained in this great recap by Mashable scribe Jolie O’Dell.

And if you want to follow the blow-by-blow twitter stream from the conference attendees (including yours truly), search #mashcon on twitter for posts between May 13 and 16. Some great links and observations from everyone who was there!


Doing the Mash.. and making lemonade

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I’m getting increasingly excited about heading to Mashable Connect, an exclusive three day social and digital media conference sponsored by Mashable and being held at Disney World in Orlando in May.

The list of speakers and participants is amazing, and I’m simultaneously exhilarated and a bit intimidated. Regardless, it’s going to be amazing fun. I just hope my 6 year old Dell and my 2 year old Blackberry are up to the task! If you’re going too, let me know so we can meet up! And follow me on twitter for updates from the conference.

In the meantime, I’m tussling with a hairy PR problem and would love to get input from you. I’m engaged with a client looking to educate the public on an issue and simultaneously change the opinions of the media. We’re working up a strategy that incorporates traditional and social media, as well as outreach to key influencers in government, philanthropy and thought leadership. It’s not like I’ve never tackled this kind of problem before, but with every new project comes new twists in the details.

Have you ever been tasked with solving a problem like this? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and how you worked through some of your challenges.

Post a comment below and thanks!