Stop, Look, Listen and Enjoy


It’s been quite a work week for me.

I had the privilege of organizing two very important media events that I know you have heard, seen and read about by today. My team did an amazing job with each assignment and I am very proud of the work we produced. The reporters, producers, photographers and cameramen we worked with gave (for the most part) wonderful and smart coverage. They are the best in the business and were an absolute pleasure every step of the way. (Hey, this is New York City; you don’t get here with second rate skills).

So as I stare out the window of my morning train to work, I reflect on the amazing experiences that I – and indeed, that all of us – have, not just today but every day. And I think about how so much of it can just pass us by if we don’t stop, stand back, look at it and take it all in.

So for this Friday ShareDay, rather than give you someone else’s content, I share with you my own thoughts:

“We each have an amazing story to tell, people with whom to share the journey, and much to contribute before we get to the end of our run on this planet. Don’t waste a minute.”

Happy Weekend!

A (well intended) “I Told You So” Friday ShareDay

Apple Vs Competitors

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It wasn’t that far back that I waxed philosophic about which companies do their core business better – focusing on Google and Microsoft.

Since then, what has fascinated me more is the way technology has finally come into its own for our living rooms, and the ongoing battle between Microsoft and Apple for control of our big screen TVs.

So for this Friday ShareDay, here’s a post that updates those thoughts, with news that the XBox360 seems to be making some amazing content available through strategic partnerships and innovation with the Kinect system.

What will the future bring? Stay tuned. But either way, I win.

Happy Weekend!