The Power of Positive Thinking


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The last couple days I’ve been in a creative rut. Really bogged down, no initiative.

This morning, quite accidentally, I shuffled my iPod (no, I don’t have an iPhone, yet), and a favorite song I hadn’t heard in months came on.

Usually I would spend my commute pecking away at my blackberry. Instead, I hid it away in my bag, pushed work thoughts aside and just sat staring out the train window watching the world go by. My mind drifted to all the good things in life that I enjoy: my family, my home, and the things I enjoy doing in my free time.

Almost magically, I could feel the cobwebs being swept out of my brain. I smiled. The fog lifted. Boom, I was back on track.

Life is like that sometimes: we all need those mini-brain vacations that let us approach what we do from a fresh perspective .

Sometimes its more than just a jolly thought, and approaches putting yourself in a meditative state. But it can be simpler than a weekend on a beach. Whatever it is, we all have our happy place. I think we visit them regularly if we’re going to be productive and happy. Because you don’t want the opposite.

So what are YOUR favorite ways to recharge your creativity?