Cameron Russell Headshot

Last week, I wrote a post about an underwear model.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I wrote a post about a TEDTalk – a really interesting one, too – given by professional model Cameron Russell, who talked about perception and the inequities of what people look like versus who they are. (Here’s my original post, with a link to Cameron’s talk.)

As a bit of a social experiment, I used a thumbnail of Cameron that I thought would catch people’s attention (yes, mostly men) to promote the post. You see where this is going.

So I was surprised to see that, in the first 24 hours the post was live, there was no discernible spike in traffic to my blog. In fact, the day’s clicks rated lower than the week before, when I posted “Friends” with a classic promotional (and equally titillating) still from the show.

What that tells me is that you, my fellow reader, are not beguiled by cheap thrills. In fact, the data leads me to believe that, in a world we are told is ruled by Kardashian scandals and stories of faux sex tapes, you are coming to this space to read and learn. And that makes me happy.

So thanks to you all for checking in on a regular basis. I really appreciate all the facebook likes, retweets and shares on LinkedIn. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

PS: Thanks Cameron for not only giving a really cool talk, but for RT’ing the tweet to my original post. Shows you really believe in what you said on stage.

PPS: I wrote this post over the weekend, before the Boston Marathon Bombing. I didn’t personally know anyone involved who was injured or killed and am grateful for that. I also chose to post this, as scheduled – even as we seem to be in another cycle of terroristic attacks (just like we were in September 2001) – because that’s what we do as Americans. We don’t twist in the wind because some coward takes a cheap shot at us. We rally, we help the injured, we get up, and then we do the ass-kicking that needs to get done. America is with you Boston.



This is a simple post.

Friends. They are invaluable. They are irreplaceable. They are gold.

Cultivate good friends who will help you when you ask.

Keep good friends whom you will help when they ask.

The world works because there are people who will help other people. Even when they disagree.

Because brotherhood is more powerful than being right.

Our Life is That Little Thing Between the Dates


I like rabbis. Having grown up Catholic, I tired early of what I was taught of the “God loves you/God is always watching you/If God approves of you, you will go to heaven ” mantra. It’s kind of like Santa Claus. “Be good, so you’ll get presents.” Hogwash.*

Rabbis always seemed more practical to me. And being a practical guy, I typically prefer their insights on life to other religions.

At a funeral service for the father of a colleague yesterday, the rabbi said something that really resonated with me:

“On every tombstone, there’s a date, a dash, and a date. The dates signify birth and death. The little dash, often overlooked, signifies what you did with your time in between.”

That should get all of us thinking. What are we doing with our lives? Most of us are given so many years; virtually endless hours to accomplish great things. Are we spending those years wisely? Are we chasing after things that matter, or just chasing? Are we truly present when we are with our families, or do we have one eye on the door, the other on our Facebook feed? Are we making contributions to our communities that will last after we are gone, whether from the neighborhood or from the earth? Are we conducting ourselves in a way that is kind, and invested in the welfare of others? Are we having an impact – regardless of how many people it touches – on the world around us?

What are you doing with your dash today?

*I am not intending to insult any religion with this statement. It’s my take on what I was taught. You may have a different experience.