Postin’ on the Train on a Friday ShareDay

OK, this is an experiment.

I’m doing this post from my blackberry (yes, I rock the berry; don’t judge me) on the train, because:

1. I won’t have time for a proper computer-based post today, and

2. I’ve been wanting to try this and today seems like a good excuse.

So if this ends up being a disaster, I promise I will never do it again.

For those of you in the NYC area, I wanted to share that I’Il be a featured panelist at
Fair Media Council Connection Day (#fmccd on twitter) this October 27* on Long Island. If you’re working in PR or social media, this is a great opportunity to meet with the reporters, editors and professionals who make the decisons on what’s on TV and in the newspaper everyday. It’s also a terrific day spent meeting new peers in PR and hear new ideas on what people are doing in our profession.

I’ll be speaking on a morning panel about using twitter for PR purposes and then be doing my presentation on “Getting the Most Out of Social Media” in the afternoon, which I also did a Social Media Boot Camp over the summer.

Check it out at and I hope to see you there!

Happy Weekend!

*(The original version of this post mistakenly stated the date as November 27.)

Finally Friday ShareDay!

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So here we are at Labor Day Weekend, the traditional “end of summer” (I ascribe to the Beach Boys theory of summer: Endless).

Nevertheless, we’ll all look to get to our favorite “happy place” one more time, whether beach, lake or elsewhere. Maybe squeeze out one last backyard barbecue. I hope you have a great weekend whatever your plans are.

For Friday ShareDay, I want to pass along some upcoming events in the NYC area that are on the horizon:

– The Mashable Social Good Summit and Mashable Media Summit both look to be excellent events planned by my friends over at Mashable. If you’re working in this space, you should check these out.

– On Long Island, the Fair Media Council’s Connection Day will be on October 27. It’s an annual opportunity for PR folk and others to talk directly with reporters, editors, producers and newsroom personnel – the people who call the shots in what gets covered in the media. Indispensable for anyone working in the field. (And I’ll be a panelist, but don’t let that keep you away)

LITweetUp is a great group of like minded social media hounds, organized by entrepreneur and networking maestro Jeff Namnum. They’re an annual supporter of Island Harvest, so check them out and lend a hand.

– Finally, the Social Media Club of Long Island is run by my new friend Hilary Topper and is a fun gathering of social media types to share best practices and new ideas. Their next gathering is on September 27.

Thanks for checking out the blog. Please subscribe at the right and leave your comments below!

Happy Weekend!

What’s YOUR Message?

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Message In A Bottle

Last week I took part in the Fair Media Council‘s “Social Media Summer Boot Camp” on Long Island, presenting on the topic of creating effective social media messages. (Read the Newsday article here.)

Right up front, I promised to disappoint everyone, confessing that “I don’t know what your message should be; only you do.” In other words, you’re the only expert on you!

It didn’t get the ah-ha reaction I was hoping for (more like *crickets*) but that, combined with a couple recent run-ins with folks who also don’t know what their message is got me thinking:

“How do you create a message?”

The basics on how to message are pretty straightforward:

1. Be clear, concise and (factually) correct.

2. Don’t unnecessarily offend; don’t lie.

3. Be frequent, be timely.

From there, it’s all details. Whether you’re selling a product, service or attraction, or trying to recruit people to your cause, the *how* you message will always be the same.

I also follow some sage advice I once got: “Don’t ask people for things. Tell them what they’re going to do for you.”

That segues nicely into another piece of advice I had for the group, which is to always make messages action-oriented and experiential (hat tip: MashCon 2011).

The quantity of content coming across our transom every day is alarming. No one can digest it all. So being effective with your message has never been more important. And the best way to be effective is by making what you message a course of action for the reciever, usually taking the form of “click here to (buy, donate, watch, share).” It can take other forms too, but these are the most basic.

Of course, making sure links work and your backend is functioning properly are paramount at this stage.

If you’re interested in having me come speak to your group on this topic, I’d love to. Get in touch on the “about” page (see how I did that?).

And let me know how you message!

Drop and Give Me 140 Characters!

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A quick note for folks in the NYC area:

I’ve been invited by my friends at the Fair Media Council to be a featured speaker at their Summer Social Media Boot Camp on July 15 at Briarcliffe College.

I’ll be speaking on “Creating An Effective Message To Tell (and Sell) Your Story” through social media.

Hey, I’m even creating a powerpoint presentation, so you know I’m taking this seriously.

Check out the FMC site to register and buy tickets. I’ll be posting a roundup of the day afterwards as well. And use #summersm in your tweets to talk about the event!

Hope to see you there!

Everything Old is New Again

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Today’s a special day for me: I’m headed to the annual Fair Media Council FOLIO Awards, where I will pick up their newly-minted Social Media “Groundswell” Award for my work on behalf of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum for the @Shuttle2NYC campaign, which we created to help bring a NASA Space Shuttle to New York City.

I’m humbled to be honored for the work my firm and I did for the Intrepid – we ended up snagging the Shuttle Enterprise, in the face of stiff competition from other cities across the country.

The awards are judged by panels of reporters, PR people and business and community leaders from across the New York area. To be recognized by my peers in those fields is quite the honor for me. Read the news release here.

FMC Executive Director Jaci Clement and Jody Fisher
FMC Executive Director Jaci Clement and Jody Fisher, Winner of 2011 Social Media "Groundswell" FOLIO Award

It’s also a bit of a full-circle moment: in 1999, the Fair Media Council (then, the Long Island Coalition for Fair Media) awarded me for my work as a radio reporter for WCBS-AM here in New York. To recieve honors for my work in both fields from the same organization more than a decade apart is a bit mind-bending for me. I am humbled and thank FMC tremendously.

For this week’s Friday ShareDay, I want to pass along something that’s been out for a while but that I just got wind of: Google “+1”. It’s a new experiment by Google that clearly has major marketing implications. On it’s face, it’s Google’s answer to facebook’s “like” button. And it’s opt-in only, so you have to have a Google profile and sign up to participate. I’ve just started to noodle around with it. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Happy Weekend!