The End of the World? Or a Friday ShareDay to Remember?

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Jody Fisher

Happy Friday!

After coming back from Mashable Connect, my world seemed to explode with new possibilities for my clients: social media, public engagement projects, and creative ideas for publicity. Amazing what being around creative people can do for you. (Or maybe it was just meeting Mickey Mouse!)

In the middle of it all, crisis came calling. Rather than write about it today, I’m crafting a special post on crisis for next week, where I pass along some observations and ways that I treat crisis – both professionally and personally!

And for this Friday ShareDay, here’s a post from Social Media Examiner about how to share photos on facebook that will reinforce and enhance your brand.

Happy Weekend!

P.S. And if the interwebs are right, and tomorrow’s the end of the world, thanks for reading my blog. But I think we’ll all be around for next week!