Take A Bow, You’ve Earned It!

Emmy Award

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I’m not much of an awards show-watcher, but I caught a little of The Emmy Awards on Sunday night, and some coverage on Monday morning.

I find the hubbub over the ladies gowns utterly comical (although between Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen, Modern Family could fire all it’s writers and I would still watch).

Whether for celebrities or local do-gooders, awards and the ceremonies at which they are bestowed are funny things, because they can sometimes bring out the worst in people: deep down, everyone wants to be a winner, and the competition over something so fleeting can be destructive.

But awards, when given, received and appreciated by grown adults can be a great opportunity to take stock of all we’ve done and worked at so hard. It’s a chance to pause, celebrate achievement and a job well done.

But you don’t need to get (or give) a golden statue to convey a sense of accomplishment. What we can do is look co-workers, peers and friends in the eye and tell them they’ve done a good job. Sincerity, I find, is the greatest form of flattery.

How do you give awards to the people in your life?