Don’t Bother Me, I’m Not Busy (and Don’t Want To Be)

Don't Bother Me

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In this fascinating and fun world, electronic communicatons plays an increasingly large role in our business and personal lives.

We email with people in the next office rather than stand up and walk ten feet.

We tweet with our network of close friends rather than talk on the phone.

We send birthday wishes to our families on facebook instead of inviting people to our homes (assuming it doesn’t involve an expensive plane ride).

We have created – quite accidentally – a culture of avoidance that can hinder collaborative relationships and strip added value out of projects and ideas.

I’m not dumping on email or social media. Each is an effective tool for enhanced communication and a platform for spreading valuable content and ideas, especially across large audiences and geographies.

But there’s no substitute for speaking with someone, either in person or on the phone. Real, verbal conversation adds deeper context, allows for spontaneous discoveries, and builds stronger personal connections.

Next time someone tries approaching you in person, don’t hide behind your keyboard. You’ll be glad you didn’t.