Create or Die

Create or Die

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We live in a world of amazing connections.

We can share our most intimate thoughts or important news with a keystroke or mouse-click. American media has the farthest reach of any on the planet (except perhaps for Al Jazeera), with billions of people influenced by what we say and do every day.

More recently, social media has become intertwined with traditional media, with news organizations running facebook pages, twitter feeds and even pinterest boards. It has literally never been easier to send your message to a global audience and engage with others.

Yet in the course of our day, we PR folk can get too “nose to grindstone” or just too close to the act of pushing out our message that causes us to lose sight of a more important piece of this complicated puzzle:


It is the “what” we say. It’s what we ask others to share and spread around for us. It is our message. And it needs to come first.

If we are to be successful PR people, we need to create content that is interesting, unusual and occasionally mind-blowing. It is messaging at its apex. Nothing shocking there.

Important as the message is, content created in a vacuum is dead. And if content has a twin, it’s conduit: the medium we use to spread the message.

It used to be, you didn’t need a visual to tell a radio story; now with radio stations having their reporters also snap photos of news events, there’s no such thing. Same for social media – the best (and most shared) posts are those that come with a photo or video, not just text (however amazing the story is!).

At the end of the day, it’s the PR person’s job to marry content and conduit. We need to constantly push beyond the banality of the news release or pitch letter to come up with innovative social media posts, videos, blogs, podcasts and other content ideas that can help spread your client’s gospel.

Because in the end, like scotch or coffee, success is in finding the right blend.