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Wait.. it’s Friday already?

At least that’s my impression. Man, did this week fly by. Was it the same for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Here in New York, where it’s feeling very much like February, we’re all wishing for spring (or booking plane tickets south!). I’ve noticed a lot of folks in my Instagram feed seem to be in warm places with palm trees and fruity drinks. What am I doing wrong?

So while you are hunkered in your cold northeast office (or not) here’s a post to give you the giggles and get your weekend started right. Titled “Signs that PR Has Become More than a Job for You.” Post came to me via Bill Stoller, and is posted on my friend Lindsay Olson‘s blog:

And yes, I am guilty of at least half of these. Love to know which ones tickle you.

Happy Weekend!