Resolutions are for Suckers

So here we find ourselves staring down another new year. The excitement of that clean slate is a tempting time to set some new goals for ourselves. But I’m not making any resolutions.

I’m not vowing to lose 20 pounds. Even though I will.

I’m not promising myself to read one book a month (up from ZERO). But I’ll do that too.

And I’m not going to swear that I will spend more time with my family or learn a new skill or grow my PR business.

I’m just going to do it, because that’s what grown-ups do. We wake up, plant our feet on the floor and get to getting stuff done.

We don’t need an excuse like New Year’s Eve (#NYE for the kids) to set some lofty goal by which we will measure our success, or more likely our failure, in 12 months’ time.

My success will not be measured on December 31, 2019. It will be measured every day: every time I step on a scale, sign a new client or spend a moment with my children. It will not be one singular finish line but a series of nearly infinite ones, all leading me in the direction I point myself.

Some days I’ll be off course, I know. Other days I’ll move so fast that I will forget things and have to go back to retrace my steps.

And I will chart that course guided by the person I want to be.

I’ve been on this voyage nearly a half-century and I feel like it’s just getting good. I’m excited for where I go next.

See you there. One day, one moment, one step at a time.

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