Vision and Execution


I was on vacation last week, blissfully sitting on a beach. It was calm and peaceful. Hours from anything, I was able to recharge.

But getting to that nirvana took a ton of planning. In addition to just booking the trip, we had to pack, get in the car and drive, get on the ferry, get off the ferry, stop for lunch, roll into town, meet the owners of the rental house, move in, unpack, tow all our stuff to the beach, set up our chairs and slather on sunblock. A lot of work to get to that finish line.

A good PR campaign is like that: it takes a ton of smart planning, mixed with some research and due diligence, to be able to execute a strategy that achieves the results you want.

In this world of instant gratification, where we push a button and something comes out the other end of our friends’ phones that can be loosely termed “impact,” we can’t lose sight of the benefits of proper planning and preparation for the things that truly move a needle.

I’m reminded of that time I helped move a Space Shuttle. It took weeks to invent, plan and arrange all manner of media coverage opportunities – and then assemble a good team and a clear set of instructions to execute for maximum impact.

Nothing good comes from something easy. Plan, execute and repeat. Then sit back and watch the coverage roll in like waves on a beach.





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