How to Do it Wrong

Head in Hands

When you’re chasing success, there are a few things you can’t afford to do.

These are seven of them:

  1. Stay detached. Hire a consultant, put your feet up and expect the results to come rolling in. Why should you have to work? That’s why you hired someone!
  2. Don’t read. Newspapers are for losers. Get all your info on facebook and twitter. If it’s on the Internet it’s got to be real.
  3. Keep everyone at arm’s length. You’re a member of the C-suite and too busy to attend meetings or relay information. Employees can get what they need from the Intranet and company newsletter anyway, right?
  4. Forego networking. Those business breakfasts are for suckers. Luncheons are for old ladies. And you never come across new business opportunities or meet new people at those things.
  5. Go completely off the grid on vacation or business travel. Seriously, this is only the fourth week-long trip you’ve taken this year. You deserve a little downtime – and the company can run on auto-pilot. Besides, there’s no time in between connecting flights or at the hotel to check in with the office or return emails. You’re traveling!
  6. Make all your social media accounts private. You only want to connect with people you know IRL and you don’t want new people to see those selfies and food shots.
  7. Hire people who aren’t as smart as you are. You can’t afford someone showing you up around the office. They might run your company one day.

Got an addition to the list? Message me on twitter @jodyfisher.

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