Keeping Things Fresh


Remember when you first started that new job or project? Remember how excited you were? The ideas flowed! The adrenaline pumped through your veins! You skipped lunch because there were meetings to be had, phone calls to return, emails to write! Things were happening!

Fast forward to six months or a year later. You’re settled in and comfortable. Things have become more routine. You might even have those days when you don’t feel as motivated. Projects get done slower – things that don’t have urgency may even get set aside in favor of something more immediate. Like lunch.

How do you keep things as fresh as they were that first week? Here are three ways I do it:

  1. Mix things up: Routine is the nemesis of creativity, and so I do little things like entering my office through a different door (we have three separate entrances) or work in a conference room instead of my desk. Changing your physical environment can have an effect on your perspective and lead to new ideas.
  2. Join a group: We may be massively creative and talented, but no one has all the answers. Check out local professional groups meeting in your area; Meetup is a great source, but so are local business and trade journals for your industry. New people bring new perspectives – and even new business opportunities!
  3. Detach: I know this sounds counterproductive, but every now and then we need some unscheduled downtime. I’m not talking about pulling the curtains and bingeing on Netflix, but rather, pouring our energy into something not work-related. Since I’m a busybody, I always have little house projects and other things I can accomplish at home that make me feel like I’ve achieved something tangible. Then I can channel that energy back into work the next day.

What are your favorite ways to keep your work fresh? Let me know on twitter @jodyfisher.

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