This is a simple post.

Friends. They are invaluable. They are irreplaceable. They are gold.

Cultivate good friends who will help you when you ask.

Keep good friends whom you will help when they ask.

The world works because there are people who will help other people. Even when they disagree.

Because brotherhood is more powerful than being right.

3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Jody- while I agree with you good friends are great for business, the reason they are such good friends is because you did not cultivate them for business. That’s the beauty of real friends, you both know there’s no ulterior motive. So I think your advice is better put another way- like great friends are a great business resource- don’t be afraid to ask them for support. Contacts, on the other hand are great resources to cultivate.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marshall. I think you read too deeply! Whether for business or personal reasons, connections – friends – are indispensable. Doesn’t matter what title they have stamped on their LinkedIn page. For example, you and I haven’t seen each other in years – yet I know if I needed your help I could call on you. And you know you could do the same. That’s what the post is about. Thanks!

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