The Human Touch

Tinkering with Tweetbot

Wednesday was kind of a big day for me.

Raise, promotion? (No.) New baby? (Got two, all good in that department, thanks.) Bought a house? (Got that covered too, with the mortgage to prove it.)

Then what was it?

I hit 1,000 followers on twitter (Proceed with the eye rolling).

What’s important to me on this watershed occasion is HOW I crossed that magical threshold: human contact.

Yesterday morning I attended a terrific seminar on crowd-funding (thanks Karma411, Social Media Association and Hilary Topper) and in the evening I spoke to a class of aspiring PR professionals at Hofstra University (thanks Laurie Bloom for the invite).

As a result of being in those rooms, with other real people, 15 people subscribed to my twitter feed (and a few even signed up to read this blog). Hardly on the scale of Beyonce or Bieber, but more than I’ve acquired in a single day since.. well, ever.

It reinforced for me how important it is to get out from behind our computer screens and meet people face-to-face on a regular basis. To catch up with the old friends and make new acquaintances. To explore possible collaborations and learn new things.

Social media is great. Just remember there’s a world out there that uses more than two thumbs to communicate.

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