Freezy Friday ShareDay

Bryant Park Fountain Freeze


I know, there are lots of places in the world that are colder, and have been for longer. So sorry to sound like a whiner. But it’s REALLY cold. (That’s the fountain in Bryant Park at the left. It’s frozen, ‘kay?)

And there’s nothing that can send warm toasties into my toes like the thought of the weekend! So here we are at Friday – and restarting a tradition that we haven’t engaged in for a while: Friday ShareDay!

For those of you new to the blog, on Fridays I try to share a piece of interesting content I have found elsewhere, and give a shout out and props as due. I encourage you loyal readers to share ideas in the comments and even send along pieces of content YOU’D like me to post on Friday ShareDay too!

So here’s a great article from Public Relations Society of America (via Erica Lamb at Cision; thanks Erica!) about how to get back to our roots in 2013 with “story marketing.

Happy Friday!

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