Your Reality is Not My Problem*


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On my daily train commute home yesterday, I happened to glance over the shoulder of a woman surfing Facebook on her laptop.

There was the familiar newsfeed format, but I was initially confused by what I saw, because I didn’t recognize anyone in the posts and pictures. (“Who the heck is THAT?” was my initial reaction, “And what are they doing on my facebook page?”)

And then I realized, of course I shouldn’t recognize those people, because that’s not my timeline.

It led me to ponder how – just like our real, offline lives – while the basic structure of what I was looking at was familiar (to the point of me thinking it was my own), the details were completely different.

As we move through our days, we should probably stop and note that essential dissimilarity. It’s worth remembering that while we inhabit the same physical space, and while we often have similar wants, needs and goals in life, our details are each as unique as we are.

In short: there is no “one size fits all.” And it’s up to us to tailor things to suit individual needs, so that we can better serve the people in our lives: family, friends, co-workers and clients.

*Because actually, your reality IS my problem, as long as we are crossing paths.

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