It’s Time the Kids Teach Us A Lesson

Kids Having Fun

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Kids don’t do ANYTHING they don’t really want to.

Granted, we parents teach them to brush their teeth, eat their vegetables and share with their friends.

But every kid’s daily agenda, from the minute they wake up to the minute their sleepy eyes close at night, is the pursuit of FUN. Laughing. Playing. Getting Dirty. Crashing out from exhaustion. Then doing it again tomorrow.

Put simply: if it ain’t fun, kids ain’t doin’ it.

So why do we grown-ups – presumably in control of our own destinies and capable of making any decision we want – get caught in a chain of doing things we don’t like?

Everything we do is self-imposed. The only obligations we have, we have created for ourselves: family, job, bills, meetings, commuting.. and on and on. At some point, we volunteered for each these things. They weren’t thrust upon us. We stepped forward, raised our hands and said, “Yes, please.”

So it’s unfair to the people we’ve made those commitments to when we get bogged down in the “I don’t wanna.” When we get to that place, we’re unhappy, we’re less productive, and we’re cheating the people we work for, whether it’s an employer, a client, or our own family.

Things that we sign up to do should be fun – and it’s up to us to keep them that way. Whatever we do, we need to find ways to “Find the Fun.” Mix it up. Get a little silly. And enjoy the ride.

Kids have fun all day long. What’s your excuse?

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