Yes, I Just Want To Be Han Solo

Han Solo

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I was a Star Wars kid (and still am).

Every Star Wars kid I know (from the 1970s) gravitated towards either Luke Skywalker, the pure-but-naive student of the Force, or Han Solo, the older, funnier smart ass who, in the end, got the girl. (Disclaimer: we ALL loved Darth Vader. Anyone who says they didn’t is lying.)

In my eyes, Han was just cooler. He had his own spaceship, the Millenium Falcon. His sidekick was a Wookie. His mouth got him out of – and sometimes more often, into – trouble. And he shot first.

So, yes, I admit it. I (still) just want to be Han Solo.

So for this week’s Friday ShareDay, and especially for my fellow Star Wars geeks (who all know there will always be only one true trilogy; thank you Kevin Smith), here’s “Five Career Lessons from Han Solo”, courtesy of Forbes.

Now where’d I put that blaster?

Happy Weekend!


3 thoughts on “Yes, I Just Want To Be Han Solo

  1. 100% agree!
    Han Solo is totally where it’s at.
    And way hotter than Luke any day!
    And who wouldn’t want their best friend to be a Wookie.
    Did I mention my ringtone for my husband is a Chewbacca roar? I am otherwise completely normal : )

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