It’s All Pipes!!!


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I’m doing some electrical work in my home and have made the discovery that the bedrooms seem to all be tied to the same breaker. It reminded me of this classic scene from Seinfeld.

It also got me thinking about interconnectedness and how each one of these outlets, light fixtures and wires depend on each other to function.

Just like that wiring, our lives are connected in a daisy chain kind of way. In order to be effective, we need to look “behind the wall” and see how our lives, our projects and our priorities are linked to others so that we can maximize our effectiveness in the workplace and in the marketplace.

We all know there is strength in numbers and that projects get done faster and easier when a good team and a great leader are unleashed on a problem.

More than that, we are truly helpful to those we serve when we identify how seemingly disparate issues fit together – and how one man’s problem might be shared (or easily solved) by another. That’s when we make deep and impactful connections that transcend what’s simply in front of us, to take us to a higher plane of effectiveness.

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