What Do You Want to Do Today?

What Do You Want To Do Today

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Happy Friday ShareDay from Alaska!

So on my flight up here, I must have ripped through a dozen podcasts that I hadn’t had the chance to listen to yet. For those of you who don’t know me well, there’s no podcast I won’t at least try out. And it’s my favorite form of learning – probably because I am mentally lazy and never quite developed the attention span that books require.

On the Dave Ramsey Entreleadership podcast (find it on iTunes) writer Jim Collins is asked to list his most important traits he looks for when hiring people to join his team. In the course of the brilliant discussion, he comes out with this beauty:

“Ask yourself ‘What Do You Want to Do Today?'”

The power of this statement, to me, is hard to put into words. In mere syllables, it conveys what I believe strongly: that we are each 100% in charge of our own destiny. We have the power to make our world exactly what we want it to be and have no one to blame for our failures but us.

We may have obligations, but how many of those are self-imposed because of our own choices? (Example: I can’t quit the job I hate because my car payments are so high. Answer: Sell the car!)

Think that’s impossible? It’s the same mentality any great entrepreneur has ever had: I will do what I want to do and dictate terms to the world. They can, and so can we. Every day we wake up we have a chance to do something amazing. By contrast, we can just sit back and coast and accept what life decides for us.

I’m printing this statement out and hanging it in my office, in my car and everywhere else I spend time. I might even make buttons. Want one?

Happy Weekend!

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