Dreaming and Doing

Walking On The Moon

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I have a policy that I don’t use the word “should.”

In fact, every time I feel the “s-word” creep up in my throat, I replace it with the word “will.” Using that word is a statement of commitment.

“Will” forces me to evaluate whether I can actually accomplish what I am proposing. If putting the word “will” in front of an idea makes it sound absolutely bat-shit-crazy-unachievable, I throw it out.

But with our days as crowded as they are, we can’t afford to put too much energy into ideas we can’t execute now. And so there’s no sense in proposing something you can’t accomplish. That’s not to say you can’t dream big or strive to achieve something on a grander scale. We can always come back to the bigger ideas, and chop them into smaller jobs that we can execute to get us where we need to go.

So for me, “should” is a four-letter word.

What words have you thrown out of your vocabulary?

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