Republicans, PR Madness and Friday ShareDay


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So here we are at the end of another week.. anyone ready for a couple days off?

Before we sail into the sunset that is Friday HappyHour (who wants to start a twitter hashtag?), let’s take stock of what had to be a crazy day for the PR people on the staffs of the Republican candidates for president yesterday. From Mike Allen of Politico:

“Yesterday was one of the wildest political days anyone can remember (Espo: “GOP campaign turns bizarre in SC”): Marianne Gingrich says her former husband sought an “open marriage” (her words, not his) … Santorum, who had come in second in the Iowa caucuses, claims he won after the state party declares a tie as it releases a final tally showing him 34 votes ahead, with eight precincts permanently missing (a landslide compared with Romney’s original lead of eight) … Rick Perry drops out; endorses GINGRICH … And then there was a debate!

Can you imagine running the PR shop for any one of these guys yesterday? Hats off to our brothers and sisters in those trenches – regardless of affiliation – on just being vertical today.

And now for Friday ShareDay, here’s a GREAT POST that I found via LinkedIn from Ragan’s PR Daily on “33 signs you work in PR.” For those of you that don’t – yes, these are all true.

Happy Weekend!

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