Setting the Agenda on Friday ShareDay

I Have a Dream Martin Luther King

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Heading into the three-day MLK weekend, let’s take a moment to pause and recognize the significance of the day. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others like him stood up for something they knew was important – even vital – for our identity as a country that treats every citizen equally.

And while there’e still plenty more work to be done on that front – and sadly, maybe there always will be – his contribution to our world was invaluable. We salute his memory and all those who have worked for equality and fairness in order to move us along the path of making ours the greatest nation on earth.

Now for Friday ShareDay, and I’m going to call out a great blog post from Seth Godin that has been a flash of inspiration for me.

Seth writes (in his Thursday post) that when you start your day by checking on what others are doing – whether their email or social media feeds – before you sink your teeth into your own work, you give up “not only a block of time but your freshest, best chance to start something new.”

I agree completely – because when you surrender your first day’s energy and momentum to what others are doing, you fail to set the agenda for your own day and for the work you will do for your clients. And that is something you can almost never recapture.

Yes, we need to be in sync with others and not operate in a vacuum, but wouldn’t you rather have everyone thinking they need to check in with you, rather than the other way around? Wouldn’t you rather lead the conversation, than bend and twist to the whims and desires of others? Damn right, you would. Thanks for the insight, Seth!

Happy weekend!

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