Holiday Friday ShareDay

Merry Christmas

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We’re in the midst of the Holiday Season here in New York: the sidewalks are bustling with tourists and shoppers as everyone prepares to spend time with family and friends over the next week. I hope wherever you’re headed, your travels will be safe and your time spent with loved ones merry.

In that spirit, I’ll be taking some time off from the blog next week, while I cook up some of my new offerings for 2012. We’ll still have a Friday ShareDay post to finish off the year.

So for this Friday ShareDay, here’s an interesting article from Social Media Examiner about the growth of the blogospehere.

As a PR person, what jumps out at me in this post is the statistic that while the number of blogs are growing, the vast majority are written by hobbyists who (presumably) are not affiliated with any official news organization. I’m interested to know if that changes your mind about how you interact with bloggers, and where they fall on your “prestige scale” when getting hits for your clients. Let me know!

Happy Weekend and Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “Holiday Friday ShareDay

  1. Thanks for the share. I believe the bloggers (myself included) are important for the sharing of opinions and differing views. I rely on many bloggers for their insight. I am of the belief that we are journalists, with integrity and value.

    Thanks, Jody and have a very Happy Holiday!


  2. Always interesting stuff on Friday ShareDay, thanks.

    I read thru the Social Media Examiner piece & it’s a good analysis with done interesting data and while I’d like to take a deeper dive thru the data next week, I dont see how it changes much about how we approach bloggers for campaigns. The data appears to confirm what we knew experientially, that bloggers are a part of society that are going to stick around.

    As far as their importance in getting attention for our clients, Steve said it, a hit is a hit. I think what makes a blogger most valuable though is when they have that well defined target audience. ‘Blah,blah,blah, consumers trust bloggers ‘ is great data, but the bottom line is that when the DadsTalking bloggers say ‘this model of RC cars is awesome ‘ their audience believes.

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