Postin’ on the Train on a Friday ShareDay

OK, this is an experiment.

I’m doing this post from my blackberry (yes, I rock the berry; don’t judge me) on the train, because:

1. I won’t have time for a proper computer-based post today, and

2. I’ve been wanting to try this and today seems like a good excuse.

So if this ends up being a disaster, I promise I will never do it again.

For those of you in the NYC area, I wanted to share that I’Il be a featured panelist at
Fair Media Council Connection Day (#fmccd on twitter) this October 27* on Long Island. If you’re working in PR or social media, this is a great opportunity to meet with the reporters, editors and professionals who make the decisons on what’s on TV and in the newspaper everyday. It’s also a terrific day spent meeting new peers in PR and hear new ideas on what people are doing in our profession.

I’ll be speaking on a morning panel about using twitter for PR purposes and then be doing my presentation on “Getting the Most Out of Social Media” in the afternoon, which I also did a Social Media Boot Camp over the summer.

Check it out at and I hope to see you there!

Happy Weekend!

*(The original version of this post mistakenly stated the date as November 27.)


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