Google’s Gamble on Motorola’s Mobile Patents

Google Loves Motorola

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There’s nothing new in saying that the future of social media, communication and sales is in mobile.

And so it should come as no surprise to see any major technology company invest significantly in the ideas, products or technology that advance mobile marketing, as Google has done with the Motorola Mobility acquisition. (I’d call $12.5 billion a significant investment, wouldn’t you?)

But I don’t think Google is out to create an iPhone killer. Or wants to create a new Google phone. Or any piece of hardware, specifically. Yet.

What Google has gone after in this deal is Motorola’s intellectual capital: the ideas and patented technology that run all those little gadgets we’re so fond of, especially the booming tablet market.

An Ad Age article that came out as I was writing this post outlines this well. It also talks about the future of the Android market – one that has an astonishing nearly 33% market share – better than I ever could.

What will be interesting to watch from here on out is what Google does with this intellectual capital.

For sure, they can just sit back and charge millions in licensing fees.

They will undoubtedly also develop new software that uses the patents. One area ripe for development is the connection between your TV and mobile device, which Motorola Mobility already has the lead on. Even though the days of cable TV set-top boxes may be numbered with the growing use of smart TVs, there’s still plenty of room for enhanced functionality there, making your smartphone (and your tablet, for that matter) both a remote control and a content provider.

Your move, Apple!

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