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You can tell it’s summertime.

Here in New York, there’s sitting room (there’s never sitting room) on the trains and subways; you overhear more German, Japanese and French than Spanish and English in the streets; and fashion becomes a little.. less formal.

(Sidenote: Based on my observations, there is an office somewhere in NYC where short-shorts are acceptable dress code, even on Mondays. Not that I am complaining.)

You can also tell its summertime because the phone at work rings a just a little less and the email traffic is just a little more manageable. For me, it’s a terrific time to step back, do some strategic thinking, update those email lists and contacts and plan for the atom bomb of activity that will come in September.

So while we’re all eyeing the clock, taking an extra 15 minutes at lunch and even sneaking out of work a little early here and there, let’s also celebrate Friday ShareDay with a few posts that I think are worthwhile:

First one comes from John Soat at Information Week (via David Kirk at @ThePRGuycom) on “7 Questions Key To Social Networking Success.” It’s a terrific long form article about ROI and why you should spend time strategizing social media before you go posting your little heart out.

And here’s another one from Gini Dietrich on Social Media Today (via all around great guy Matt Brown at @MatthewLiberty) on “Managing Social Media Fatigue,” something to which I think we can all relate!

I’d also love to hear your feedback on Google+, now that more people are on board. I’ve seen some definite differences between it and other social media platforms, and I’m interested to hear what you experiences have been. I’ll be updating my previous thoughts on the subject in a post next week.

Happy Weekend!


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