Non-plussed by Google+ and Friday ShareDay

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One week into my tinkering with Google+, and I have to say this is not the improved social network we were all hoping for.

Sure the facebook boys (and girls) drive us nuts, but we tend to trade on that for a robust collection of people we can meet, get to know and interact with.

Now maybe it’s because I only have four other people in my Google+ circles. But let’s be honest, a social network only works as well as the people who are on it. And I talk to those four folks just fine on facebook and twitter already.

I’m not going to give up on Google+ just yet, but they’re gonna have to open the gates a little wider to get me to stay and become a regular participant.

In a segue to Friday ShareDay, here’s a post from Social Media Today that articulates exactly what I’m thinking.

Also, in a brief shoutout to my geek side (like that’s never on display here), let’s take a moment to tip our hats to NASA on the occasion of the last shuttle liftoff today, #STS-135 Atantis.

What we can often take for granted (and did, until Challenger) is an amazing feat, made of equal parts technology and bravery. Their achievements have paved the way for where the next generation of space explorers will take us. I’m excited to see what direction the space program goes in after the manned missions are gone.

Happy Weekend!

5 thoughts on “Non-plussed by Google+ and Friday ShareDay

  1. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s a bit more of an intellectual and geeky crowd than Facebook, which I appreciate. I’m sure that will change in the future, but I’m wallowing in it right now.

  2. I’m right with you. There are technical elements of the service that I like (the ability to easily filter feeds is great) – but I think a few technical updates from Facebook would level the playing field.

    There’s also just a level of time and commitment that I’m just not prepared to invest into yet another network.

    But after a few days I keep thinking that it feels like Google tried to combine the best elements of other services into one platform – but instead of creating the ultimate experience it feels more like Frankenstein’s monster. I love Twitter for the real-time interactions and interesting content – I love Tumblr for the simplicity and ease of sharing photos and videos – and I love Facebook for keeping in touch with friends … but I didn’t need to have all of that combined.

    I love Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food … but I wouldn’t want to eat a sweet & sour chicken burrito covered in melted cheese.

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