The Casey Anthony Story (The One That’s Not About The Verdict)

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Let me be clear: this post is NOT about the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. I’m not here to debate it.

But I am fascinated with some of what I saw in the midst of yesterday’s events. It’s a spectacle that’s turned us all into amateur attorneys, which also seems to be the OJ Simpson trial for the twitter generation. Here’s a couple of thoughts:

* The absolute arrogance of the defense team immediately after the verdict was surprising and unflattering. Having just won a capital murder case, Juan Baez and team were less than humble, even scolding the media that has turned them into the next Johnnie Cochran and Co. (and made a $1,000/hour billable rate a reality now). And Baez’ statement that was proud he could tell his own 2-year-old daughter that he had “saved a life today” was ill-timed at best. I wonder when he’ll invite Casey to babysit.

* The jurors’ choice to not speak to the media at the courthouse was equally confusing. With that choice, they cheated the media horde charged with getting the story from inside the room where Casey’s fate was determined and left them to their own devices to fill airtime. Reporters now have no choice but to follow jurors to interview them where they live. In a quest for privacy, these poor folks may have invited a swarm of TV trucks, still photographers and rabid info-tainment tabloid reporters onto their own front lawns, into their neighbors’ yards, and outside their children’s day care centers. Sure, the judge may have directed the media to respect these folks’ privacy and maintain their distance, but I don’t think you can jail a reporter for doing their job, nor should you.

* And then there’s the sentencing, at which Anthony is likely to get the time she has already served in prison (the maximum is one to four years, and Casey’s served three years already). It’s sure to ignite vast swaths of self-righteous zealots into a renewed frenzy of calling for Casey Anthony’s head. Hopefully, one of them won’t take it literally. My advice to her would be to move somewhere very far away (New Zealand is nice) and lay as low as possible.

We’re not done with Casey Anthony, and she’s certainly not done with us. Newly sprung from jail, her next obvious step will be to hire an agent to line up paid interview gigs (of the supermarket tabloid variety) where she can bolster her story, evolve her image and pay her bills. A book and movie deal are probably already being inked. Can a boob job and teeth whitening be far behind? Next stop: reality TV!

Maybe she can ask the Octomom for guidance.

2 thoughts on “The Casey Anthony Story (The One That’s Not About The Verdict)

  1. Excellent post Jody, couldn’t agree more on all fronts.

    Yes I’d love to see Baez invite her over to babysit.

    It hurts my head to even think of the $ she can make off of this crazy media frenzy that will ensue. I for one will NOT be buying into any of the products/movies/shows that will surely result from this horrible tragedy.

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