A Weiner for Your Thoughts

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Ah, the life of a big city publicist.

I’ve been juggling multiple projects here in Gotham recently, and have been so busy I once again neglected my duty to get some new content up on the site. Next week I’ll be on the road, and will try to squeeze in some thoughts between the Acela to DC and a Delta flight to the nation’s heartland. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with the blog.

There have been a couple stories burning up the recent news cycles, but nothing is more fascinating right now than the response Rep. Anthony Weiner’s PR team seems to be mounting to an alleged photo of his.. uh.. trouser snake, which a 21-year-old woman clams he DM’d her on twitter.

For his part, Weiner claims he was hacked, or spammed, or something, but swears he doesn’t know how it happened. For our purposes here, what happened is irrelevant – the “how” this social media free-for-all is being handled is what interests me. As of this writing, Weiner’s star looks like it’s crashing and burning, but we’ll see if he can resurrect himself somehow. My advice: total honesty. People can forgive sins; perpetrators of cover-ups are burned at the stake.

Note to Public Officials: For gosh sakes, have someone who works for you run your twitter feed, don’t do it yourself. You should have more important things to do.

OK, enough on that. For this week’s Friday ShareDay, let’s turn our attention to how to grow your twitter following – and this great article from our friends at Social Media Examiner. Thanks again, you guys! You rock!

Happy Weekend!

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