Are You Experienced?

Are You Experienced?[tweetmeme service=”” tweetmeme source=”jodyfisher”]

Having had a few days to process the Mashable Connect conference, the big takeaway for me can be boiled down to one word: “experiential.”

Speaker after speaker (including David Karp of Tumblr, Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman, and many others) hit on this concept: that the best online efforts – whether in PR, social media or other digital and media areas – are ones that take people from the screen to real life, and drive them to action. They get people to engage on an intimate, human level (not the Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of intimate) and produce a tangible outcome: buying a product, joining a cause, donating to a charity.

Otherwise, you’re just a troll in your basement.

Michael Lazerow of Buddy Media drove the point home by calling out the apparent irony of e-commerce on facebook, with the stat that shows just 3% of people of that 500-million member community are actually shopping – proving that what people are really doing is sharing information, insights and, yes, experiences.

Other nuggets of wisdom from Mashable Connect are contained in this great recap by Mashable scribe Jolie O’Dell.

And if you want to follow the blow-by-blow twitter stream from the conference attendees (including yours truly), search #mashcon on twitter for posts between May 13 and 16. Some great links and observations from everyone who was there!


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