Mashing in Florida.. and a Different Kind of Friday ShareDay

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Mickey Mouse

In a bit of a diversion from our usual Friday ShareDay, I want to share something that I’m experiencing first hand:

The Mashable Connect Conference is in full swing here at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and the creativity and wisdom flowing off the stage is rivaled only by the smarts of my fellow attendees in the audience. (If you want to follow the stream of consciousness, check out the #mashcon list on twitter)


A huge theme we’re all talking about is the perceived conflict in social media between the technological and the human: on its face, social media is something located inside a computer or a smart phone, when in fact the true goal of social media is looking up from the screen to talk to the person in front of you.

Speaker after speaker has approached it in one way or another:

Tumblr’s David Karp spoke about how he allows his community to customize their pages – right down to stripping the Tumblr branding out of the html code of the page;

Michael Lazerow of Buddy Media gave a killer talk on e-commerce, and debunked (in my mind) the necessity of hosting a store on facebook, in favor of getting people to share what they buy on facebook and be rewarded for that behavior;

Mashable Connect

Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman gave an inspired talk about how “content is not king – connection is king” and how getting together with real people in the real world can inspire movements – not unlike the uprising in Egypt;

Josh Koppel of Scroll Motion demo’d his company’s software on the iPad in the form of apps that replace static elementary school textbooks with active apps that also allow delivery of metrics to teachers and parents to trouble shoot where students are getting hung up in their lessons;

And Edelman Digital visionary Steve Rubel finished up the day with his talk on how a new era of social media is dawning, what he calls the age of the “validators.”

Goes without saying that I’ll be incorporating so many of these ideas into my work – and it’s a thrill to be here and learning so much.

How do you use social media to advance your in-person agenda? Get the conversation started with a comment below!

Happy Weekend!

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