Everything Old is New Again

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Today’s a special day for me: I’m headed to the annual Fair Media Council FOLIO Awards, where I will pick up their newly-minted Social Media “Groundswell” Award for my work on behalf of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum for the @Shuttle2NYC campaign, which we created to help bring a NASA Space Shuttle to New York City.

I’m humbled to be honored for the work my firm and I did for the Intrepid – we ended up snagging the Shuttle Enterprise, in the face of stiff competition from other cities across the country.

The awards are judged by panels of reporters, PR people and business and community leaders from across the New York area. To be recognized by my peers in those fields is quite the honor for me. Read the news release here.

FMC Executive Director Jaci Clement and Jody Fisher
FMC Executive Director Jaci Clement and Jody Fisher, Winner of 2011 Social Media "Groundswell" FOLIO Award

It’s also a bit of a full-circle moment: in 1999, the Fair Media Council (then, the Long Island Coalition for Fair Media) awarded me for my work as a radio reporter for WCBS-AM here in New York. To recieve honors for my work in both fields from the same organization more than a decade apart is a bit mind-bending for me. I am humbled and thank FMC tremendously.

For this week’s Friday ShareDay, I want to pass along something that’s been out for a while but that I just got wind of: Google “+1”. It’s a new experiment by Google that clearly has major marketing implications. On it’s face, it’s Google’s answer to facebook’s “like” button. And it’s opt-in only, so you have to have a Google profile and sign up to participate. I’ve just started to noodle around with it. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Happy Weekend!

One thought on “Everything Old is New Again

  1. Congrats Jody on this well-deserved award. Still waiting for that Case Study to be published!..

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