Will & Kate’s Big Day

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Credit: Reuters

As my wife ran to the TV this morning like a kid on Christmas to watch the Royal Wedding (honestly, she just wanted to see the dress; who didn’t), I turned to twitter for some relief.

What was I thinking? Every one of the tweets I scrolled through had some comment on the Royal Wedding: news feeds, fashionistas and friends were all busy tapping away with their own observations on the prince and princess’ nuptials. And mostly, it was about the dress.

It made me marvel – having not personally paid much attention at all to the news of the big day – at the complete media saturation this event had achieved – more so than any other manufactured story in my recent memory.

Granted, we’re all suckers for this kind of fairytale, but managing the event and story details down to their most granular and minute (an email to media directing the very moment of the newlyweds’ first kiss? I am so stealing that!) is something that we PR people who manage large, complex events can truly appreciate.

And good luck to Will & Kate. They will live under enormous scrutiny from people who don’t mean a damn to them, on a scale high and wide enough to test even the most solid relationships. Hopefully they’ll know how to tell the haters and privacy invaders to take a long walk off a short pier. Politely, of course!

And in that spirit, here’s a well-written post on the Royal Wedding from our friends at Social Media Today. Looks like we are all on the same page on this “Wedding of the Century” as I heard Matt Lauer of the Today Show call it.

Happy weekend!

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