It’s in the Stars…

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Ok, maybe there’s something to this Mercury in retrograde stuff after all.

It’s been an exhausting and stressful week, in my personal and professional worlds; a real slugfest to get through. It’s got me off my game as far as staying connected on this blog and in social media. I’ve been so distracted by details that martians could have landed and I would have missed it. Have you felt the same way since April started? I’d be interested to know.

Hopefully next week I’ll be back to sharing more cool PR and social media thoughts and insights. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

For our Friday ShareDay post, I want to go a little outside the topic of our PR and social media discussions to share a great blog from a friend of mine, Stephanie Gaskell, called The War Report.

Steph is a former NY Daily News reporter who is fiercely dedicated to our men and women in uniform. She’s been embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times and knows what’s really going on in those theaters. She’s tough as nails and a sweetheart at the same time, and I admire her dedication and her work. We share a concern for our military families and believe it’s our personal responsibility to do all we can to help them when they return home. I’d urge you to bookmark her and subscribe as well.

So check her out for the real deal about what our military families sacrifice just so we can bitch about the long line at Starbucks.

Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “It’s in the Stars…

  1. Congrats on a fantastic outcome for NYC and the Intrepid. Much cause to celebrate this weekend! My fellow veterans and I thank you for recognizing the hard work and hardships of active duty.

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