Don’t Stop Believin’

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I’m on edge. I’m working with a client to secure a major artifact for their museum collection, and today’s the day we get the word from the government agency in charge of making the decision on whether we’ve got the thing. (Anyone who knows me knows what I am talking about, but I have a policy of not naming clients on this blog. Email me if you really want to know.)

Today’s will be a live announcement by that government agency, with no advance warning of the outcome. We’ve invited the public and the media to come and watch, in real time, and witness the reaction as it happens. Risky, maybe. But it doesn’t get more genuine. And we’ve made a calculated decision that even bad news does not reflect poorly on our efforts, much like a city vying for an Olympic games. If we lose, New York loses as one.

So I’m hepped up on adrenaline and coffee and my hands are shaking. Yes, I am nervous.

The event is set, media is informed, curtain raiser stories are burning up the news cycle. We have photographers and videographers (including me) in place to capture the event – good news or bad – and ready to post online afterward. The client is prepped with talking points and staff is in place. I’m pretty sure we haven’t forgotten anything.

So it makes me wonder: what are YOUR strategies for planning and dealing with the stress that comes with it? What goes into creating YOUR killer events and announcements:

– Do you write it all down? Do you keep it in your head?

– Do you use planning tools, like excel or powerpoint? How do you draw a road map for yourself, your staff and your clients?

– Do you hire outside vendors for photo and video (and other items) or do you do the work yourself, and if so, what conditions alter your decisions?

– How do you address multiple outcome possibilities?

– What are your thoughts on collateral: press kits, photo, video and social media?

– What social media do you use to advance your agenda, and how?

Share your best practices below!

And wish us luck.

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