To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

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Last week I was invited to speak to a group of health care PR and marketing professionals here in New York on the topic of “Getting the Most Out of Your PR Placements.” I am always humbled by these invitations to share my thoughts and experiences. I usually end up learning some important lessons as well.

During the Q&A, I was asked about twitter, how much time one should devote to it and how to use it.

A great question. And I had a few key thoughts that I shared with the group:

1. Listen before you speak. Sign up, follow and watch. Then tweet.
2. Twitter, like all social media, is intimate. Find your voice, then speak in that voice. Remember you are speaking with people.
3. Communicate and interact, don’t sell. And don’t scream.
4. Give to get, that is, reciprocate with others in a mutually beneficial way.
5. Engage with positive and negative comments equally, with an appropriate approach for each.

Here are some great examples of both good and bad tweets from Stephanie A. Lloyd on her blog Radiant Veracity.

How do you tweet? Got any advice for novice tweeters? Leave a comment and get the discussion started!


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