Want Better Results? Make Yourself Busy!

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Today’s one of those “Too much to do, too little time” days, with a little “I wish I didn’t have to have this conversation” mixed in for good measure. It woke my brain from a sound sleep at 4am, and my (almost) two-year-old son heard daddy get up and quickly followed. I’ve ingested enough coffee to wake a corpse and my day is barely six hours old. And my “to-do” list is a mile long.

So today will be fun.

I mean that literally. Today will be challenging, difficult, perhaps annoying, but yes, fun. I thrive on adrenaline in a Charlie-Sheen-Tiger-Blood kind of way, so these days can be terrifically exciting.

And on days where the weight of the world isn’t accidentally placed on my shoulders (like today) I sometimes like to manufacture similar circumstances, in hopes of getting a similar result. I know that sounds crazy, but I think we can all benefit from it at times, in order to spur our productivity and get more done.

I’m not talking about busy work (organizing your facebook friends into groups can be saved for another day), I’m talking about making a list of those things that need to get done this week and then cranking them out in ONE DAY, like you’re on some crack-fueled version of hyperdrive.

It’s amazing how much we can get done when we just pin the pedal to the floor, you know?

So if you’re not running like crazy (like I am today), give a shot to pretending that you are and see what happens. You might just surprise yourself.

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