Who’s on foursquare?

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Wow, has anyone had an amazing week? Mine has been filled with new connections and successes on multiple fronts. I’ve been able to push the envelope in creative, tangible ways for my clients and myself. Headed into the weekend, I’m feeling good. I hope you are too.

Let’s get right to our Friday ShareDay post! This terrific research on foursquare user patterns comes from New York-based firm Austin & Williams and my online friend Nathan R. King. The results are mindblowing – and proof that foursquare may operate like a game, but it’s a powerful social media platform that businesses simply MUST use in their marketing strategies. Thanks Nathan!

Happy weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Who’s on foursquare?

  1. congrats on a great week! gotta say i’m surprised at 4square’s popularity, though i really need to understand the core demographic better. would be interesting to know how it actually translates to profit margin.

    1. Thanks Valerie! Your question is a great one, and I think it’s best answered by the businesses that are using foursquare to reward frequent visitors and drive traffic. Presumably, if I know I will get a discount by checking in at my favorite place, I will go there more often. But who knows… I think that’s the next study!

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