So… What Do You Do Again?

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We’ve all been there: a conversation with a new acquaintance (and sometimes even an old friend) who’s not in our line of work usually comes around to this question:

“So.. what do you do?”

What they mean is, they haven’t got the faintest idea of what public relations is.

Some people think we’re reporters. Nope.
Others think we take out ads in newspapers and TV. Not even close.
Most just have no clue.

So for this Friday ShareDay, I’m posting this terrific piece from Heidi Cohen on “31 Public Relations Definitions,” with input from the Public Relations Society of America, SEO expert Lee Odden (hat tip for the link), and everyone’s favorite roving social media maven Peter Shankman.

What’s you definition of public relations? Leave a comment below, or on Heidi’s blog. And don’t forget to retweet her story as well!

Thanks Heidi for the great post! Happy Weekend!

P.S. With the breaking news on the tsunami in Japan and across the Pacific this morning, we all want to help. Best place to do that right now is the American Red Cross. Visit and give. Thanks.

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