TGIF.. for Friday ShareDay and for You!

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It’s Friday ShareDay, but first…

A big thank you to all the new subscribers and people who have checked out the blog for the first time this week. On Tuesday, the day I posted “Inside Charlie Sheen’s head.. And Ours,” hits to the site more than doubled from its previous all-time high, and traffic has stayed high all week. It tells me you like what you’re reading and you want more. I’m grateful to each of you for your support!

Please continue to share this with people you think would be interested and keep your comments coming!

Now for our weekly tradition… This Friday ShareDay item comes from Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, which you can find in the blogroll in the sidebar. This insightful piece about pulling your audience to you rather than pushing a message to them is brilliant and a great case study for all of us. Thanks Mike!

Happy Weekend!

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